Waiheke Wine Tours
Capture the Essence of Waiheke

on a scenic tour of some stunning boutique vineyards
Cable Bay Vineyards - Waiheke Island

Cable Bay

Daring to be different, Cable Bay's Waiheke vineyard will ensure your experience is outstanding ...
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Cable Bay Vineyard - Map

Kennedy Point Vineyard - Waiheke Island

Kennedy Point
Organic Vineyard

Kennedy Point is proud to promote their organic and hand-tended vineyard ...
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Kennedy Point Vineyard - Map

Obsidian Vineyard - Waiheke Island


Obsidian sheltered vines enjoy unique high levels of heat as they grow on four amphitheatre-type valley hillsides ...
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Obsidian Vineyard - Map

The Hay Paddock Vineyard - Waiheke Island

The Hay Paddock

The Hay Paddock Supreme Syrah wines come from vines sourced directly from the Rhone Valley ...
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The Hay Paddock Vineyard - Map

Peacock Sky Vineyard - Waiheke Island

Peacock Sky

Knowledge, tastings, the modern art of food pairing, and gift ideas are all in one place at Peacock Sky ...
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Peacock Sky Vineyard - Map

Charlie Farleys Restaurant - Waiheke Island

Charlie Farleys

At Charlie Farleys you will feel like a local the moment you walk through the door ...
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Goldie Vineyard - Waiheke Island


Wine tasting and art on display at the Goldie Room set amongst the vines ...
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Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant - Waiheke Island

Vineyard and Restaurant

Tuscany on Waiheke Island, a unique mudbrick restaurant and prize winning wines ...
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Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant - Map

Stonyridge Vineyard - Waiheke Island


Stonyridge Larose is considered one of the countries most sought after wines ...
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Stonyridge Vineyard - Map

Jurassic Ridge Vineyard - Waiheke Island

Jurassic Ridge

Jurassic Ridge presents single varietal award winning wines which are 100% hand tended ...
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Jurassic Ridge - Map

Passage Rock Wines - Waiheke Island

Passage Rock

Which Waiheke winery has collected the most 5 star awards, gold and silver medals and trophies in recent years? ...
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Passage Rock Wines - Map

The Oyster Inn

The Oyster Inn
Restaurant + Hotel

Opened in 2012, this award-winning restaurant and small boutique hotel features a delicious, predominantly seafood-based menu and as it's name suggests the island's freshest oysters ... more about The Oyster Inn »

The Oyster Inn - Map

Wild on Waiheke - Waiheke Island

Wild on Waiheke
Café and Brewery

A unique, boutique, multi-activity venue, licensed café and brewery, set within the magic of a Waiheke vineyard ... more about Wild on Waiheke »

Wild on Waiheke - Map

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